Solid Color Paint Is The Most Popular

While pearl, candy, and metallic paint get all the attention, solid color paint is far and away the most popular. Solid colors are widely used because of their low cost, excellent durability, and ease of application.

Solid Colors Work For Everything

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Solid colors are timeless
A paint is a "solid color" if it does not contain any sparkling agent like a pearl or metallic pigment. Black and white are by far the most common solid colors, but there are literally tens of thousands of unique shades in this family.Here at The Coating Store, we have assembled a concise line of solid colors that cover a wide range of interests and applications.

The Most Popular Solid Colors In North America

The two most popular solid colors are white and black, with silvers and grays right behind. Solid colors obviously look great by themselves, but are also a good base for custom graphics and effects.In order, the five most popular solid colors are white, black, silver, gray, and red. We have several shades of each color - click one of the speed shapes below to see for yourself.

How To Save On Your Custom Paint Job

Here are some ways you can save money on your next custom paint job:
  1. Invest in quality paint. Cheap paint is very expensive if it means paying for someone to re-do a paint job.
  2. Reduce the number of applications. All things being equal, a single stage paint is more affordable to apply than a two stage paint.
  3. Go with urethane. You'll find acrylic enamel paint for bargain basement prices, but it's not as durable as modern urethane paint and won't last half as long.
  4. Buy Online. The paint your local shop sells has been marked up twice - first by the distributor, then by the paint shop. When you buy online, you don't have to pay either mark-up.
Here at The Coating Store, we sell top quality paint that's made in the USA and highly rated. Why buy anywhere else?
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