High summer, 23rd July, Meriam contacted me to ask if I would be interested to model clothes for her.
My answer was of course a resounding YES! She explained it was for a special occasion, a national TV programme called Lifestyle Experience on RTL4. 

So how did this all come to pass?

I’ve been buying IGIGI for a few years now, I love the fit and style of their clothes and the exclusivity of the brand.
When I learned about Lady Plus Fashion about a year ago through the Wondervolle Mode group on Facebook,
I was delighted to be able to buy IGIGI in the Netherlands. No more customs and tax handling and easy returns.
Meriam also introduced me to Kiyonna, a brand I had known about for a while but was reluctant to order because
I was unsure of the fit. The superior customer service Meriam provides really made buying a breeze.

The day of filming approached quickly, I booked the day off work in advance and we spent time discussing outfits and ideas.
Meriam is such a lovely, warm person. It’s rare to find a person able to provide a quality service,
Meriam is honest to a fault and I really value her integrity and love her vision for her business. 

Filming day arrived, I had planned ahead: underwear, tanned legs, hairstyles, accessories – check!
Make up on, clothes on and then drove to the LPF distribution center. Soon Meriam, her husband Martin and my
fellow model Nathalie arrived. The cameraman and the presenter arrived, introductions were quick and then straight to business.
Nathalie and I gathered our outfits with Meriam and got to work: finish my make up and hair, helped Nathalie with her make up,
then show time!  Strangely enough, I didn’t feel all that nervous, I was focused on getting the job done right! 

Kimberley rocking that Coco dress 

We started filming with our casual outfits, Nathalie wore a colourful dress that fit her perfectly and I wore a black and
creme print dress. It was a great feeling to know that we would be showing other fullfigured women how amazing they
too could look wearing clothes cut for their figures. 
The next look was a real killer vamp look: cocktail.  Nathalie looked like a superhot plusmodel babe in her
red bodycon Rumor dress with gorgeous ruching, while I nailed the diva look with the red, lace-detailed Teagan dress
that matched (phew!) my red hair and red shoes perfectly.

Kimberley Rocks that Teagan dress

We were interviewed by the team individually as models/customers, this was the part I found hard!
What if I look strange, say something weird, sound really stupid… but they were super helpful, very relaxed and I only
had to redo my take once as I got tongue tied.
Seeing the end result, the natural conversation flow really does shine through and I am so pleased J 

Then it was time to change again for our piece de resistance: the evening dresses.

Kimberley in the Monica Maxi Gown

This was actually my own Monica dress: the moment I saw it, I had to have it.
And it is the perfect black evening dress look, lace short cap sleeves and a beautiful flowing fabric.
I felt like a Queen on that red carpet! Meriam looking amazing in the Rainforest maxi dress, with it’s beautiful colours
and soft material. Nathalie looked stunningly beautiful in the Jenna Caribbean Flush dress.
We did our little curvy jiggle down our imaginary catwalk one last time and that was it!
Time for champagne and nibbles and the final touches. 

It was a fantastic experience and the end result looked great on TV.
Moreover, I have made new friends and had a lot of fun!! Since the show was on TV, I’ve had so many positive reactions,
so many compliments. And what I said then, I will say again now: you can look elegant, sexy and beautiful as a plus sized
woman, it’s all about buying the right clothes for your shape.
Lady Plus Fashion really showcases the best of what is available for the discerning plus size shopper.
Exclusive designer clothing at affordable prices. I’m not just a customer, I’m a fan! 


Kimberley van Megen